White-label blockchain platform
that helps energy retailers

GreenLink offers their customers truly sustainable and individualized digital energy services.

Meet GreenLink

GreenLink is a white-label blockchain platform that helps energy retailers offer their customers truly sustainable and individualized digital energy services.

Customers of energy retailers using GreenLink will be able to select renewable sources based on location/distance and type, trace the origin of their energy in real-time, and have access to automated sustainability tools. GreenLink brings value to energy providers by unleashing new revenue streams from value-added energy services, offering greater choice and transparency for their customers, and increasing customer acquisition and retention as a result of the heightened trust in their green energy services.

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What Is It For?

It helps energy retailers to expand their offerings. Consumers can track the source and use this data driven energy service to prove the world that they are sustainable. Create sustainabilitly reports with one click.

Who Is It For?

GreenLink is for energy retailers to offer new services more than energy. It enables to prove the source of the energy. All electricity consumers from enterprise electricity consumers with sustainability goals to individual eco-conscious consumers can benefit from it.

Why GreenLink?

GreenLink is a plug & play, white-label next-generation, cloud solution which can transparently verify the origin of energy in real-time with your brand on it! It functions as an added transparency layer over existing renewable energy tracking systems. Using the blockchain, GreenLink guarantees that energy generation and consumption are matched in real-time with no risk of double-counting or green-washing.

Why Now?

Energy companies need to rapidly innovate in order to adapt to the changing landscape and remain competitive. Not only governments are pushing that direction. Consumers demand for 24/7 renewable energy is raising. Energy providers are increasingly aware of the need to go beyond selling commodities and are looking towards energy-as-a-service business models.

GreenLink Preview

Login to GreenLink and follow all your consumers total consumption and all the renewable energy you have in your portfolio. Choose a consumption site and set the preferences of the site such as source, distance etc.

Click Match! Lean back and enjoy the magic of GreenLink.


  • Every single asset has a blockchain ID and all the transactions will be recorded on-chain to prevent double counting.
  • GreenLink will match every hour (can be seconds) of consumption with generation only if they happen to be at the same time.
  • Group Consumption sites under organisations and managed together.
  • Set preferred percentage of being green. Give your consumers the choice to set the 24/7 matching percentage.
  • Set range to get matched. Now consumers can support local renewable energy generators by setting a range of which they want to get matched with.
  • Follow up on the map. Every generation asset the consumer got matched with can be seen on the map.
  • Create users for your consumer. So they can login see their contribution to be green and generate CSR reports with one click!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are hesitating, do not worry - we are here to explain
everything you might want to know. Let us help!

How does it work?

1. Receive Data
GreenLink’s enterprise blockchain enabled client collects meter data from SCADA, market data, local smart meter with a time resolution down to 6 seconds. Greenlink also allows to upload consumption data from local files

2. Create & Assing
Digital IDs will be created for each generation and consumption asset. A token will be issued for the generation asset on the blockchain. The certificates are then matched to the consumer’s consumption data.

3. Match & Claim
Generation and consumption will be matched and the tokens are automatically claimed for the end-consumers by your preset approval with a time resolution down to seconds.

4. Visualize data
Consumers can login to GreenLink with a user you have created and visualize information such as the energy type, location generation asset, time of production, carbon emissions and savings.

Why Blockchain?

Tracking renewable electricity and managing decentralized energy grids is a complex process, with many intermediary organizations, which results in added labor, time, lack of trust and cost. Blockchains can help streamline this complex process and increase trust in the market through it’s ability to enable verification, traceability as well as transparency. It also dramatically expands the market by lowering the barrier of entry for small companies and individuals.

In addition, the presence of verifiable immutable data from a variety of sources coupled with smart contracts will generate promising opportunities. New business models and processes can be developed that can result in added value for consumers, producers and utilities.

Ok but why Blockchain?

We understand that blockchain sounds is a bit complex. Here are a few points that blockchain technology enables us to handle:

1. Tamper-proof data:
Participants of a blockchain network can check whenever a change to the state of the database is made, what was modified and who initiated the change.

2. Digital Assets:
Organizations can have almost non-existent financial and administrative costs using an efficient and automated digital infrastructure for the recording and transferal of assets and information.

3. Smart Contracts:
Self-executing contracts are stored in the blockchain which are run when predetermined external conditions are fulfilled. Due to the transparency and security of the blockchain platform, companies can trust that the terms of their agreement will be fulfilled exactly. This results in high degrees of automation and smoother data exchange between contracting parties.

4. Available & Reliable:
The blockchain state is typically replicated by every node and there are usually many nodes which are ready to process transactions. This results in a highly available and reliable system.

Why Tracking Renewable Energy?

There is currently no universal accounting tool to communicate data on carbon usage as well as savings for residential or industrial consumers. Existing systems serve only massive energy producers or consumers and remain out of reach for the vast majority.

GreenLink, is a blockchain based next-generation sustainability monitoring, reporting and verification tool. It can transparently verify the production, consumption, tracking and matching of local renewable electricity all on one platform in real-time.

Large corporations are becoming more conscious of the impact of their operations on the climate. The RE100 is a global corporate leadership initiative formed by 300+ largest companies in the world that are committed to using 100% renewable electricity by 2050 at the latest. All these companies are in search for a solution that you can fulfill as their energy provider.

What do I need to start using GreenLink?

Internet connection and a browser.

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