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White-label platform for 24/7 carbon-free energy matching

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Works for Your Energy Matching Needs

GreenLink offers energy providers individualized digital energy services to simplify climate action for their off-takers.
Customers of energy suppliers using GreenLink will be able to select renewable sources based on location/distance and type, trace the origin of their energy, and match with carbon-free energy 24/7.

How Does GreenLink Work?

How Does Greenlink Work

Buy Issued Certificates

Traditional EACs are issued for the generation of assets. Utility/Energy Provider needs to buy the EACs beforehand.

Split EAC to T-EACs

GreenLink collects the consumption and production data via easy-to-implement APIs. Greenlink splits traditional EAC into T-EACs using retrieved production data.

Match T-EAC & Consumption

GreenLink matches T-EACs with consumption on a 24/7 basis. T-EACs only match if production and consumption happen in the same hour.

Visualize Data

Energy off-takers can visualize information such as the energy type, location of generation assets, and time of production they receive the T-EACs for.

Claim Certificates

Energy providers retire/redeem EACs equal to the matched amount of energy in the name of energy off-taker. Uploads the EAC into the system.

Generate Reports

Energy off-taker can download the EACs retired in their name. They can see every matching transaction with their 24/7 carbon-free energy percentage and generate reports.

Match hourly

GreenLink will match each hour (or even down to seconds) of energy consumption with renewable energy generation only when they occur at the same time.

Match locally

Energy off-takers have the opportunity to empower local renewable energy producers by specifying their preferred proximity range for potential matches, thereby contributing to grid decarbonization efforts.

Add granularity

Verify the origin of energy hourly for your off-takers. Add granularity to existing renewable energy tracking systems like Energy Attribute Certificates.

Report 24/7 CFE performance 

Create user accounts for your off-takers, enabling them to log in and gain insights into their energy source, track their 24/7 carbon-free energy consumption, and generate CSR reports with a single click.


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