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Enabling Innovative Digital Services For Energy Companies

Blok-Z is an energy sector software provider based in Germany and Turkey. We help accelerate the digital transformation of the energy industry. The company was ideated in 2018 and launched in 2019.

Blok-Z was funded by two of the leading VCs from San Francisco, USA.


Group 8490
Group 8491

Our Vision

Blok-Z is committed to revolutionizing the energy sector by providing a middleware that ensure real-time verification of renewable energy sources. Our mission is to enhance transparency in energy distribution, empower utilities to offer genuine green energy and streamline operations, thereby supporting the transition towards a more sustainable and trustworthy energy future.


Our Mission

Our vision is to lead the transformation of the global energy market towards complete digitization and decarbonization. We aspire to set the standard for renewable energy tracking and consumption, fostering a future where every consumer has access to transparent, sustainable, and localized energy solutions.