Managed Blockchain

Relaible, Sustainable, Profitable, and Secure Blockchain Services

Blok-Z offers a fully-managed, non-custodial solution for companies to validate on enterprise blockchain networks.
Let us handle the infrastructure for all your blockchain needs

Our Features


Avoid the headache of operating and maintaining blockchain nodes.

Earn Rewards

Take part in securing  blockchain networks and start earning validator rewards.

All on Cloud

No need for local servers.

Stay In Control

Retain full control of your assets.





Enterprise Web 3.0

Blockchain networks are maintained by a diverse and geographically distributed network of different computers or servers called “nodes”.

In enterprise blockchain networks, these nodes are operated by verified organizations with aligned interests.


Join a next-gen enterprise blockchain network.


Contribute to the network's security and begin earning rewards with our managed validators.


Partner with major companies, expand your offerings or use your rewards to pay for services.


Help shape and grow the network by participating in the governance process.

Turn innovation to profit centers

We make it easy for organizations to join, participate and validate on enterprise blockchain networks:

  • End-to-end seamless onboarding
  • Fully managed blockchain infrastructure
  • Non-custodial. Stay in full control
  • Experienced in technology, risk, governance, and crypto law

What We Offer

Managed Validator

We offer a fully-managed solution designed for commercial enterprises, non-profit organizations, and public institutions.

Enterprise-grade Wallets

Manage and maintain full control of your digital assets using enterprise-ready multi-signature wallets.

Seamless Onboarding

We take care of all your enterprise blockchain onboarding needs from initial set-up to blockchain and business strategy development.


Leverage our experience in technology, crypto law, governance, risk and asset management to help you successfully adopt enterprise blockchain.

Fiat on/off ramp

A simple and compliant way for companies to buy and sell crypto assets with a bank transfer.



Stake your tokens to generate passive income on your digital assets.


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