About Us

Blok-Z is an energy sector software provider based in Germany and Turkey. The company was founded in 2018 to help accelerate the digital transformation of the energy industry using blockchain technology.

Blok-Z enables anyone to be an energy market player with access to economical, transparent and traceable green electricity.

What We Do

Our white-label solution stores meter data from distribution system operators and/or national registry data on the blockchain to verify that the origin, ownership and consumption of electricity and energy attribute certificates are securely recorded. Blok-Z automates settlement, auditing and back-office processes while preventing double-counting in a transparent way using smart contracts.

Our solutions provide lower operational costs, automated back-office processes, increased transparency for energy companies, consumers and prosumers.




Zero carbon emission as a service!

With GreenLink, energy retailers will be able to offer their customers truly sustainable and individualized green products. Customers of energy retailers using GreenLink will be able to select renewable sources based on location and type, trace the origin of their energy in real-time, and have access to automated sustainability tools.


Choose Source

Consumers will be able to consume from their preferred renewable energy source such as solar, wind, hydro etc.


Choose Distance

Your energy customers can choose nearby producers and really support their local community to be carbon-free!


Match Hourly

Consumption can now be matched in real-time with 100% transparent green energy. No more greenwashing!


Generate CSR

Customers will get detailed auto-generated reports about their green consumption.

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Selim Satıcı

Co-Founder / CEO

Erhan Yıldırım

Co-Founder / COO

Mohamed Abdulaziz

Co-Founder / CTO

Gökhan Taşkan

Software Engineer

Shefqet Hasanbashaj

Marketing Manager

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