Enabling Innovative Digital Services For Energy Companies

Blok-Z is a greentech blockchain startup that aims to transform energy from a commodity to a Web3 service via verifying the origin of renewable energy and offering a fully managed validator and staking service for energy companies.

About Us

Blok-Z is an energy sector software provider based in Germany and Turkey. We help accelerate the digital transformation of the energy industry using blockchain technology. The company was ideated in 2018 and launched in 2019.  Blok-Z was funded by two of the leading VCs from San Francisco, USA. Our vision is to be one of the leading middleware software providers for the energy industry.


We will be leaders in decentralized energy data management solutions for energy companies. We started to internationalizing our product line. Our products will be demanded soon by all energy retailers.


Our mission is to help energy companies unlock new digital energy services that enable consumers to make impactful and individualized energy choices.

What We Do

We have leveraged our token engineering skills, partnerships and close relationship with ConsenSys and knowledge of market mechanisms to develop our first product GreenLink which tracks local renewable energy for energy providers.  The need for the product was confirmed from several customers. We have already onboarded some of the largest energy companies in the world. It’s time for you to join too and don’t miss the train.

Blok-Z also offers end-to-end blockchain services for you to take care of all your enterprise blockchain onboarding needs from initial set-up to blockchain and business strategy development. Outsource all your blockchain needs such as, non-custodial smart wallets where you can manage and maintain full control of your digital assets using enterprise-ready multi-signature wallets, set up private chains or run a node on public chain.

All of our solutions provide lower operational costs, automated back-office processes, increased transparency for energy companies, consumers and prosumers.




Our Products


GreenLink is a white-label blockchain platform that helps energy retailers offer their customers truly sustainable and individualised digital energy services by proving the source 24/7.

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Manage Blockchain

Blok-Z offers a fully-managed, non-custodial solution for companies to validate on enterprise blockchain networks.

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Menthol Protocol

Menthol Protocol is the first decentralized multi-chain sustainability ecosystem for automated offsetting of carbon footprint and energy consumption.  

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Our Partners


Selim Satıcı

Co-Founder, CEO

Erhan Yıldırım

Co-Founder, COO

Mohamed Hassan

Co-Founder, CTO

Gökhan Taşkan

Software Engineer

Sevdi Merve Eroğlu

Software Engineer

Mehmet Yalçın

Senior Software Engineer

Erdem Ünal

Software Engineer

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