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The Time is NOW!

for Hourly Carbon-Free Energy Matching

Meet the rising demand for hourly CFE matching. Easily integrate with Blok-Z through API solutions and offer hourly CFE matching services to your energy off-takers right away.

Time is Now for Hourly CFE Matching

24/7 CFE Matching Software To Build A Carbon-Free Future

Blok-Z’s 24/7 carbon-free energy (CFE) matching software allows energy providers to match their corporate energy off-takers' consumption with carbon-free energy sources hourly and locally. 

24/7 CFE Matching
Hourly Carbon-Free Energy
For Energy Providers

Hourly Carbon-Free Energy Matching

  • Empower your corporate energy off-takers with their 24/7 carbon-free energy goals. 

  • Transform the way you sell the energy with an easy-to-integrate software solution. 

  • Generate a new revenue stream by providing 24/7 CFE matching services. 

For Corporations/Enterprises

A simple yet powerful step to start climate action

  • Reach your 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy goals by matching your consumption with CFE production hourly and locally.
  • Be a forerunner by accelerating your carbon-free energy journey.
  • Go beyond conventional EACs and add granularity to your Scope 2 reporting.
24/7 Carbon-Free Energy

What our customers say

"Together with Blok-Z, we could offer extra services on top of the energy we sell."

"We can issue and track millions of energy attribute certificates with Blok-Z."

"Keep an eye on Blok-Z."

Energy Transition

Energy Transition Enters New Phase Driving Demand for 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy

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