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Prove the origin of renewable energy

Trace and verify renewable energy consumption transparently in real-time by using blockchain technology.

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The Renewable Energy Tracking Software To Build A Carbon-Free Future

Blok-Z’s renewable energy tracking software GreenLink offers an easy way for energy sellers and buyers to match energy consumption with renewable energy sources in a more granular way.

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Renewable Energy Matching

A service differentiator for energy retailers

Help your customers meet their carbon-free energy goals truly

Differentiate your services with the state-of-the-art technology.

Generate new revenue streams by providing matching services

True Sustainability

A layer of transparency for corporates/enterprises

Match your consumption with renewable energy production locally and in real-time

Bring a layer of transparency to the Net-Zero journey

Create digital corporate sustainability reports


What our customers say

“Together with Blok-Z, we were able to offer extra services on top of the energy we sell. We are pleased to collaborate with them and plan to offer the product to our other enterprise customers.”

“Keep an eye on Blok-Z“

“With Blok-Z, we were able to issue and track tens of millions of energy attribute certificates. We will continue to collaborate with them in taking this to the national scale”

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